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New Defender's Study Bible Notes

10:6 Cush. Cush, the same as “Kish,” is usually translated in the Old Testament as “Ethiopia,” a land identified in the Tell El Amarna tablets as “Kashi.” Some of the Cushites evidently stayed in Arabia while others sailed across the Red Sea into Ethiopia.

10:6 Mizraim. Mizraim is the customary name for Egypt in the Bible, which is also called “the land of Ham” (Psalm 105:23; etc.). It is barely possible that Mizraim is the same as Menes, Egypt’s first king.

10:6 Phut. According to Josephus, Phut is the same as Libya in the Bible.

10:6 Canaan. Canaan, Ham’s youngest son, is obviously the progenitor of the Canaanites.

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