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New Defender's Study Bible Notes

28:30 two whole years. According to Roman law, it was necessary to wait about two years for the prosecution to come forward with their case. There is no indication that the Jews ever did this, certainly not within the two-year period, since Luke would have mentioned it if they had. Accordingly, many scholars believe that Paul was released at this point and was able to continue his missionary activities for a few years, later being rearrested and executed by Nero following the burning of Rome. On the other hand, there have been others who argue that the Jews finally did bring their case and persuaded the emperor that Paul and his Christian followers were plotting against the empire, so that Paul was put to death without ever getting out of prison. This particular controversy has never been settled, though the first option seems more likely in view of Luke’s optimistic ending of the book after the two-year statutory period. Even so, there is still the possibility that Luke died before he learned of the later negative developments.


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