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New Defender's Study Bible Notes

2:4 he is God. The “son of perdition” will be the leader and icon of the global religion of evolutionary pantheistic humanism, which will finally triumph in the last days. There will be a great amalgamation of religions (“all that is called God”), combining the eastern ethnic pantheistic religions and modern New Age scientific and occult religions with apostate monotheistic religions (including the pseudo-Christian denominations and cults left behind on earth after all true Christians have been removed by the rapture), under the charismatic but despotic reign of this great man who will seem to be the very apex of the age-long process of evolution. This, of course, is essentially the goal of the world’s anti-Christian and pseudo-Christian religions today, and they will finally attain it for a brief period in the end-times. This wicked king will be a thoroughgoing humanist, honoring only “the God of forces” (Daniel 11:38), and speaking “great words against the most High” (Daniel 7:25), but he will also “cause craft to prosper in his hand;…and by peace shall destroy many” (Daniel 8:25). He will make a seven-year treaty with Israel (see on Daniel 9:26-27), re-establishing their temple worship at Jerusalem, but will break that treaty after three and one-half years, and will install his own living image in the temple, proclaiming himself to be the god whom all men must worship (Daniel 11:45; Matthew 24:15; Revelation 13:4-8, 14-15).

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