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And Joab gave up the sum of the number of the people unto the king: and there were in Israel eight hundred thousand valiant men ° that drew the sword; and the men of Judah were five hundred thousand men.

New Defender's Study Bible Notes

24:9 eight hundred thousand. I Chronicles 21:5 gives the number as 1.1 million. Possibly the 288,000 listed in I Chronicles 27:1-15 make up the difference.

24:9 five hundred thousand. This number is 470,000 in I Chronicles 21:5. The latter number, however, did not include the men from Levi and Benjamin (I Chronicles 21:6).

24:9 men. In I Chronicles 21:5 these numbers are given respectively, as 1,100,000 and 470,000. However, the 800,000 in Israel are said in II Samuel to be valiant men, experienced in warfare, suggesting that the other 300,000 were of military age but not yet tested in battle. As far as the numbers in Judah are concerned, the total in II Samuel included the tribe of Benjamin, while the total in I Chronicles did not (note I Chronicles 21:6). Apparently the 500,000 in Judah had been simply augmented by an estimated total of 30,000 for Benjamin.

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