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New Defender's Study Bible Notes

2:9 generation. This is not the usual word for “generation,” being so translated here only. The Greek word (genos) means “kindred,” or simply “kind.” Christians, in effect, are a distinct “kind” of human being, almost like a separate genetic variety, and they have been specially “chosen” or “elected” by God for His own very specific purposes.

2:9 priesthood. In this high calling, Christians, like Christ Himself, are both “kings and priests” (Revelation 1:6), a royal priesthood.

2:9 peculiar people. “Peculiar” in this sense means a special possession. The Greek word means “purchased,” and is translated “purchased possession” in Ephesians 1:14. A closely related word is used in Acts 20:28, where Christ is said to have “purchased” the church with His own blood. We have been redeemed by His precious blood (I Peter 1:19), and therefore belong wholly to Christ.

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