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And it came to pass, when Zimri saw that the city was taken, that he went into the palace of the king's house, and burnt the king's house over him with fire, and died,

New Defender's Study Bible Notes

16:18 and died. Note the somber pattern of events overtaking the successive kings of the rebel northern kingdom of Israel. King Jeroboam sinned grievously, then died a violent death (I Kings 14:16; II Chronicles 13:20. Nadab, his son, sinned as his father had, and was slain by Baasha (I Kings 15:26-27). Baasha “did evil in the sight of the LORD” (I Kings 15:34), and all his posterity was cut off (I Kings 16:3,7). Baasha’s son, Elah, reigned only two years and was slain while in a drunken state by one of his captains named Zimri (I Kings 16:8-10). Zimri reigned only seven days, sinning like the others, and then committed suicide (I Kings 16:15,18-19). Omri, captain of the host, became king, was “worse than all that were before him” (I Kings 16:25) and died after twelve years in office (I Kings 16:23,28). Ahab, his son, was even worse than Omri, and he would also eventually die a violent death (I Kings 16:30; 22:34-37).

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