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New Defender's Study Bible Notes

12:3 accursed. The Greeks at Corinth were familiar with the ecstatic utterances of the oracles and other devotees of the pagan gods and goddesses. Since these messages were often demonically inspired (I Corinthians 10:20), it was entirely possible that some would utter blasphemous statements concerning Christ. Some could no doubt imitate the gifts of the Spirit discussed in this chapter, especially the gift of “tongues,” and Paul would warn that no Spirit-inspired message could blaspheme the Father or the Son, nor could it deny God’s Word (note Isaiah 8:19,20; I John 4:1-3).

12:3 the Lord. By the same token, only those truly indwelt by the Holy Spirit could meaningfully and truthfully make the familiar statement of faith, acknowledging that “Jesus is Lord” (compare Romans 10:9).

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