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ICR Discovery Center: Revealing Creation Evidence - Article
- ... kind of creation evidence can ICR reveal in the new museum? Science Writer Brian Thomas shares a few fascinating facts that refute evolution and confirm the authenticity of the Genesis account. For more information:...
ICR Discovery Center for Science and Earth History - Article
- ... Institute for Creation Research hopes to soon begin building the Discovery Center for Science and Earth History. It will combine cutting-edge science and technology for an immersive experience that showcases God’s handiwork throughout...
The Goal of Our New Discovery Center - Article
Staff Writer - ... I’m Mary Smith, Registrar at the Institute for Creation Research. My father, Dr. Henry M. Morris, founded this ministry, and he often reminded us that the gospel includes more than the life, death, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus...
Compelling Evidence for Creation - Article
Staff Writer - ... I’m Michael Stamp, Editor at the Institute for Creation Research. For decades, I confidently believed in both the Bible and a 13-billion-year-old universe. I knew all the arguments. I accepted the gap theory and saw Genesis as an...
Teaching Teenage Boys - Article
Staff Writer - ... been homeschooled up until now and have had great access to creation teaching. But what happens when they have questions about how evolution and creation go together? We are aware that those disparate worldviews don’t jive, and our new ICR...
Sharing Creation Evidence - Article
Staff Writer - ... Distribution center. You may be convinced of biblical creation, but how do you show the strong scientific evidence for creation to others? Imagine a place that you can invite your friends and family to see the evidence for themselves. This...
Why This Discovery Center? - Article
Staff Writer - ... Our events team invests precious resources to host biblical creation conferences and seminars across the country. As important as these gatherings are, ICR’s Discovery Center will surpass their impact as a perpetual platform and continual...
The Compelling Case for Creation - Article
Staff Writer - ... microbiology and parasitology, and speak on a variety of creation topics. The upcoming Discovery Center is a much-needed addition to the Christian landscape here in Texas and beyond. Materialistic museums abound in all major cities of America....
The First of Its Kind - Article
Staff Writer - ... Discovery Center to house all the scientific research that creation scientists have collected over the last five decades. Hopefully, it will cause many people to reconsider their opinions and help break the gridlock that materialistic thinking...
7 Wonders Creation Museum Celebrates 10-year Anniversary - Article
Larry Vardiman, Ph.D. - ... 100 guests for the 10th anniversary of the 7 Wonders Creation Museum near Silver Lake, Washington, on Saturday, September 27. The young-earth creation museum built near their home was established in 1998 about 10 miles east of the Castle...
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