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Plants and Animals Are Distinct
... the various categories of grass, herbs, and fruit-bearing plants. The gulf between “dirt” and “plants” is huge! No naturalistic scheme can adequately account for such wonder. But according to God’s words, they do...
Rats, bats and pitcher plants - Article
Brian Thomas, Ph.D. - ... January 2016 Although the pitchers on tropical pitcher plants mostly attract and digest insects, some pitcher plants actually use nectar to attract—but not digest—rats and treeshrews. These small mammals fit just right atop the...
The Creation Of Plants - Article
John D. Morris, Ph.D. - ... long enough for seeds to grow up into mature, seed-bearing plants. They say that the words “seed” and “fruit” apply to any plants with spores or seeds, including bacteria, fungi, and protozoans, the earliest forms of plant...
Recognizes Man's Authority over Animals and Earth
... assigned to mankind by God. Man's authority over animals, plants, and the rest of the earth has changed history through the use and consumption of animals (livestock, riding horses, fishing, etc.) and plants (timber for wood, crops for food,...
Restoration Ecology - Article
Frank Sherwin, D.Sc. (Hon.) - ... through the laborious reestablishment of both animals and plants.Amazingly, within just a few years we found a bountiful supply of plants and animals where there was just hot, cracked mud and rock before. There are insects everywhere, trees and...
Humans Are Humans, After All - Article
Frank Sherwin, D.Sc. (Hon.) - ... been man The same has been true in botany and zoology. Plants are plants. Animals are animals. Kinds are kinds, no matter what your dating method. Too many times paleontologists unearth fossils of creatures in strata of rock dating far...
What Is Life? - Article
Henry M. Morris III, D.Min. - a unique word for “life” that is never applied to plants and vegetation. The word choice of the Holy Spirit is chay (and its derivatives) and occasionally the word chayah. Together, those words are used 763 times in the Old...
Electrical Signaling Among Plants Via Soil Fungal Network - Article
Jeffrey P. Tomkins, Ph.D. - your feet is teeming with electrical signals being sent among plants as described in a new research study.1 These results continue to expand the startling complexity of plant adaptation and point directly to an Omnipotent Creator who engineered it...
Plants Screen Potential Mates - Article
Brian Thomas, Ph.D. - ... excludes pollen grains that are too closely related! “Plants must rely on the interaction of molecules to determine appropriate mating partners and avoid inbreeding.”1 Like animals, inbred plants are more susceptible to loss of...
Are Plants Alive? - Article
John D. Morris, Ph.D. - ... theological. One such problem relates to the nature of plants and the "lower" animals. The Bible teaches that in the original creation, there was to be no death. Yet God also instructed Adam and Eve, as well as the animals (Genesis...
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