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The Global Flood Explains the Ice Age
... can deny that an ice age really happened only thousands of years ago. Secular scientists have presented over 40 failed attempts to provide an adequate natural cause for an ice age. Could Noah’s Flood hold the answer? Two key climate...
The Ice Age - Content
... vimeo, 95279614]Ice sheets, saber-toothed tigers, and wooly mammoths—the Ice Age sounds like a cool time! But what caused it? And was there more than one Ice Age?Evidence for Creation: Ice AgeResource Links: Ice Age M??czy?nivar...
Now Showing: Life Through the Ice Age - Article
Staff Writer - ... Earth History last September, many visitors have enjoyed the Ice Age Theater. Libby, a local Dallas-Ft. Worth resident, said, “I really like the Ice Age room, hearing about some evidence recorded in the book of Job about snow and ice and how...
Rapid Changes in Oxygen Isotope Content of Ice Cores Caused by Fractionation and Trajectory Dispersion near the Edge of an Ice Shelf - Article
Larry Vardiman, Ph.D. - 304. All Rights Reserved. Abstract Oxygen isotopes in ice cores extracted from polar regions exhibit a decreasing trend in the ratio of the heavy to light isotopes from the beginning of the “Ice Age” to its end, at which point...
Discipleship University • Dallas, TX - Event
... p.m. "The Mystery of the Ice Age" Location Center Stage & Zoom First Baptist Church Dallas 1707 San Jacinto Dallas, TX 75201 For more information please call 214.615.8364 or email...
The Global Flood Is the Key to the Past
features around us. More... The Global Flood Explains the Ice Age Secular scientists don’t know an adequate natural cause for an ice age. Could Noah’s Flood hold the answer?...
The Ice Age and Climate Change
... people are familiar with the concept of an ice age, a time when glaciers covered much of the earth's land surface. Secular scientists believe there were at least five major ice ages in earth history that happened over millions of years....
Ice Cores Fit with Recent Creation
... cores are drilled cylinders of ice that scientists extract from ice sheets like the ones covering much of Greenland or Antarctica. The cores reveal details from beneath the surface, including fluctuating levels of dust and stable...
Was There Really an Ice Age? - Article
John D. Morris, Ph.D. - ... Ice Age has always been a problem for science. While abundant evidence has been found for continental glaciation, the cause has remained enigmatic. Scores of scenarios have been proposed: global cooling, decrease in the sun's intensity,...
The Ice Age - Radio Program
Jake Hebert, Ph.D. - ... Christians wonder about the ice age. Was there an ice age in earth history? If so, how many were there? And how would such a dramatic climate change fit into biblical history?   Other episodes in this series: Hiding...
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