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ICR Debuts Origins Matter Conference in Dallas - Article
Staff Writer - ... Guliuzza, who travels throughout the nation speaking on the human body and creation apologetics, gave us a glimpse of the irreducible complexity of the human body, starting right at conception. Special guest Col. Jeff Williams, a NASA...
Mitochondrial DNA and a Recent Human Origin - Article
Larry Vardiman, Ph.D. - has revealed an unexpected lack of diversity within worldwide human mitochondrial lineages, despite high mutation rates, and this supports the idea that humanity is only a few thousand years old. Mitochondrial DNA has been used to develop...
Animal Laughter Study Doesn't Help Evolution - Article
Frank Sherwin, D.Sc. (Hon.) - ... by tickling them. One study compared the sounds made by humans and great apes: [The researchers] found many acoustic similarities, which has led them to believe that laughter in great apes shared the same evolutionary origin as laughter...
Origin Of The Races - Article
Henry M. Morris, Ph.D. - ... at all! There is no such thing as a race—except the human race! Skin color and other supposed racial characteristics are mere recombinations of innate genetic factors, originally created in Adam and Eve to permit development of different...
The Eyes of Creation - Article
Frank Sherwin, D.Sc. (Hon.) - ... multiple sets of eyes, including some which are human-like. Why would these creatures—supposedly so low on the evolutionary ladder—not only have several different kinds of multi-purpose eyes, but one set that is...
Alleged Human Chromosome 2 “Fusion Site” Encodes an Active DNA Binding Domain Inside a Complex and Highly Expressed Gene—Negating Fusion - Article
Jeffrey P. Tomkins, Ph.D. - ... 6 (2013): 367-375 A major argument supposedly supporting human evolution from a common ancestor with chimpanzees is the “chromosome 2 fusion model” in which ape chromosomes 2A and 2B purportedly fused end-to-end, forming human...
Linguists Argue over Language Origins - Article
Brian Thomas, Ph.D. - ... on earth did humans first speak? According to a 2011 study published in Science, evidence points to language beginning in Africa, which goes along with the very popular "out of Africa" story of human origins. Auckland...
How Did Life Originate? - Article
John D. Morris, Ph.D. - ... non-life is greater than the gap between a single cell and a human. This conundrum has driven evolutionists to propose any number of scenarios, none of which are fully accepted. This has led some (including Nobel Prize winner Francis Crick) to...
Origin of Life
... an Evolutionary Origin of Life Is ImpossibleThere were no human witnesses to the origin of life, and no physical geological evidence of its origin exists. Speaking of the origin of a hypothetical self-replicating molecule and its structure,...
Walking the Walk - Article
Frank Sherwin, D.Sc. (Hon.) - ... to understanding hominid evolution."1 Darwinism states humans began walking because forests supposedly dried up and they had to survive on the plains. But the details are unclear: Fossil evidence demonstrates that by 4.1 million...
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