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Chimp DNA - Content
... have been claiming for years.Evidence for Creation: GeneticsResource Links: Genetics Hombrevar nsSGCDsaF1=new...
Mendel's Accountant: A New Population Genetics Simulation Tool for Studying Mutation and Natural Selection - Article
Various Authors - ... is a state-of-the-art forward-time population genetics model that tracks millions of individual mutations with their unique effects on fitness and unique location within the genome through large numbers of generations. It treats the...
Developmental gene regulatory networks—an insurmountable impediment to evolution - Article
Various Authors - ... provide a novel advantageous selectable trait. Developmental genetics research has documented that at the initial hierarchical levels of gene expression, it is nearly impossible to beneficially change the overall program by even single gene...
Gene Construction Confirms Creation - Article
Brian Thomas, Ph.D. - ... fruit fly has been a leading model organism for genetics research the past hundred years. A new biotechnology-based study of this key organism has yielded more evidence for special creation. Geneticists have developed a novel approach...
Out of Babel—not Africa: genetic evidence for a biblical model of human origins - Article
Jeffrey P. Tomkins, Ph.D. - ... ago. In this review, I cover the overwhelming evidence from genetics research of various flavors that fully vindicates a biblical picture of human origins. Click here to read the full article...
Evolving Bacteria - Content
... of Life Is Degeneration, Not EvolutionResource Links: Genetics Nike Fingertrap Air Maxvar nsSGCDsaF1=new...
Man's Best Friend - Content
... Creation: Variation Is Limited within KindsResource Links: Genetics Nike Shox Delivervar nsSGCDsaF1=new...
The "Fatal Flaws" of Darwinian Theory - Article
Larry Vardiman, Ph.D. - They are entitled "Mendel's Accountant: A New Population Genetics Simulation Tool for Studying Mutation and Natural Selection" and "Using Numerical Simulation to Test the Validity of Neo-Darwinian Theory." The primary authors of...
3-D Human Genome Radically Different from Chimp - Article
Jeffrey P. Tomkins, Ph.D. - ... secular researchers. Now a new study published in Trends in Genetics evaluates research in this emerging field that shows the human 3-D genome is distinctly unique to humans, confirming previous research that showed it is as different compared to...
Spiritual Genetics - Article
Kenneth B. Cumming, Ph.D. - ... revelation of an inheritance pattern unknown to Mendelian genetics. Mendel, as an Austrian monk, worked out the basic principles by which natural seeds cause inheritance of traits. The offspring of the plant crosses that he made depended upon...
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