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Sales - Books, Videos, Customer Service - questions about products, reselling, past orders, etc. Please direct questions about finding products online, technical questions regarding the online store, etc. to the webmaster.

Speaking Events - Presentations, Lectures, Events, Seminars - event questions, seminars, outreach, etc. Technical questions about the online calendar, etc. should be directed to the webmaster.

Stewardship - Trusts, Memorials, Donations - estate planning, donations, wills and trusts, etc. Please direct technical questions like donating online to the webmaster.

Radio - Station Listing - comments or questions on past, present, or future broadcasts, putting an ICR program on your station, demos, etc. Technical questions about creation and evolution that you may have heard on a show can be directed to the Public Information Office.

Publications - Acts & Facts, Days of Praise, etc - information about the hardcopy versions of Acts & Facts and Days of Praise only. Contact webmaster regarding electronic versions.

Webmaster - Website/Email Problems & Feedback - website problems including online store, spelling mistakes, problems with electronic newsletters, website copyright information (please see the copyright link at the bottom of our contact page for general information).

A Note to Our User

ICR does not have a staff person available to answer Bible and science questions, and if your inquiry is of this nature, we will not be able to respond to you. However, we encourage you to visit and use our convenient search feature to access creation science content that spans 40 years of ministry. No doubt some of our scientists have written on your subject already. Should you desire further study, we encourage you to visit our online store for books, DVDs, and other resources that deal with the variety of topics in creation science.