Welcome to the Genesis Class!

Welcome to the Genesis Class!


The Genesis Class is a Bible teaching ministry of Dr. Henry Morris III, CEO of the Institute for Creation Research, and First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas.

Dr. Morris is heard live each Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. on the campus of First Baptist Dallas where he introduces students to the book of Genesis and the implications of the issues involving Creation, the Fall, the Flood, the early nations of the world, and much more.

Here at the Genesis Class website, students and visitors can listen to previous lessons taught by Dr. Morris, as well as view and download the extensive notes provided each week.

If you happen to be in the Dallas area on Sunday morning, please stop by and visit the Genesis Class and First Baptist Church. Dr. Morris would be thrilled to meet you. Click here for directions to the church.

Current Series

Introduction to Genesis

Lesson 1 - The Starting Point: How to use the information in Genesis

Lesson 2 - Origins: Why are these issues so important?

Lesson 3 - The Invisible Things

Lesson 4 - The Creation Week: Days 2, 3, 4

Lesson 5 - The Creation Week: Days 5, 6, 7

Lesson 6 - The Fall of Man

Lesson 7 - The Results of Rebellion

Lesson 8 - The Pre-Flood World

Lesson 9 - The Great Global Flood (Dr. John Morris)

Lesson 10 - The Fossil Record (Dr. John Morris)

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  • Notes (PDF)

Lesson 11 - The New Age

Lesson 12 - The New World

Lesson 13 - A Creationist Worldview

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Lesson 14 - Five Minutes with a Darwinist (Dr. Randy Guliuzza)

Lessons 15 - Issues with the Age of the Earth Part 1

Lessons 16 - Issues with the Age of the Earth Part 2

Lesson 17 - Christmas & Biblical Geneologies (Dr. James J.S. Johnson)

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