Eaton Baptist Church - Eaton, CO.

Join ICR's Mr. Dave Napier as he speaks on how creation itself is designed to glorify our Creator, and on dinosaurs and whether or not they were on Noah's Ark at the Eaton Baptist Church during Sunday and Monday evening services in Eaton, CO.

Dates: Aug 25, 2024 - Aug 26, 2024


Sunday, August 25th
Time Title Description
6:00 p.m. Designed to Glorify In this talk, Dave exposes the evolutionary ideas that have become strongholds within the creation community. Compromising Christians add millions of years and random mutations to creation, in order to appease conventional science. The outcome is that they malign the character of God, make the cross of Christ irrelevant, and disagree with good observational science. The audience will walk away firm in their faith and emboldened in their witness, knowing that all living things were designed to glorify our Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ.
Monday, August 26th
Time Title Description
6:00 p.m. Dinosaurs and Noah's Ark In this presentation, Dave explores common questions about the Ark and dinosaurs. How big was the Ark? Were there dinosaurs on the ark? What happened to the dinosaurs after they got off the ark? These questions can create strongholds against biblical truth and it is important that we have answers to them. When we read the historical account in Genesis it starts to make sense and the scoffers and doubters can be satisfied.

Eaton Baptist Church
228 2nd Street
Eaton, CO 80615

For more information, please call 214.615.8333 or email

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