Series Overview
Join scientists and experts from the Institute for Creation Research for Discipleship University at First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas.
This 9-week series focuses on learning fascinating and exciting evidences that affirm the Scriptural account of creation and the flood. Each presentation will share the latest research on each issue, and ultimately point to the marvelous engineering and handiwork of the Master Designer of the universe - our wonderful Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Date: Oct 15, 2023

5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. “America’s Reformation Heritage” – Dr. Jim Johnson

Class Description
Join Dr. Jim Johnson as he explores the fascinating history behind our nation’s founding, and how the Great Reformation of the 16th century had a direct impact and influence on the thinking and actions of the Forefathers and Founders of our country.

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Room CC504
First Baptist Church of Dallas
1707 San Jacinto St.
Dallas, TX 75201

For more information please call 214.615.8325 or email

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