unto fables

2 Timothy 4:4

4:4 unto fables. These “fables” are nothing but the pagan myths (the Greek word is muthos, from which the English word “myth” is derived) which the ancients used to explain the meaning of the world and life. They were founded on a pantheistic cosmogony, which specifically rejected the truth of the transcendent personal God of creation and of the Bible. It is well known that these pagan nature myths are being revived in modern New Age cosmogonies, all of which are founded completely on evolutionism in one form or another. Modern atheistic evolutionists (i.e., Darwinists and other naturalists) may battle against these pantheistic evolutionists, but both unite (just as did the atheistic Epicureans and the pantheistic Stoics in Paul’s day—Acts 17:18) against those who believe in the true God of creation.

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