five hundred reeds

Ezekiel 42:16

42:16 five hundred reeds. Thus the whole temple square will be (500 x 10.5) feet on each side, making a large square almost one mile square. This is far too large to be built atop Mount Moriah, where Solomon’s temple stood, but there will be great topographic changes in and around Jerusalem just before the millennium (Zechariah 14:9-11). The dimensions of the temple itself are far smaller, leading some to suggest that a copyist error led to 500 reeds instead of 500 cubits (that is, 875 feet) as the outer wall length. However, it is not likely that the same copyist mistake would be made six times (Ezekiel 42:16-20). Perhaps much of the outer court between the temple proper and the boundary pavements will be a park-like area, or for some other appropriate use that has not yet been revealed.

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