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New Defender's Study Bible Notes

1:1 like precious faith. Peter was writing to the same churches to whom he had written his first epistle (see II Peter 3:1), but his salutation this time was not just to the Christian Jews of the dispersion (as in I Peter 1:1), but also “to them that have obtained like precious faith with us.” The natural inference is that, in the few years following his first epistle, many new Gentile converts had come into these churches.

1:1 God and our Saviour. This expression could better be rendered as “our God and Saviour Jesus Christ.” Peter thus clearly recognizes that his human friend and master, Jesus, was actually God manifest in the flesh. II Peter 1:2 also acknowledges Him as “Jesus our Lord.”

1:2 multiplied. See note on I Peter 1:2.

1:2 knowledge. The word “knowledge” (Greek gnosis or epignosis) occurs seven times in II Peter, all with reference to Christ, including the very last verse, II Peter 3:18. The same word is translated “science” in I Timothy 6:20.

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