What Is a Planetarium?

Does the word “planetarium” make you think of a simple dome-shaped screen with tiny pinhole stars projected onto its surface? Well, technological advances have given this educational tool a giant upgrade! The ICR Discovery Center for Science and Earth History will include a state-of-the-art planetarium with 3-D imagery. When you visit, you can travel through our solar system, the Milky Way, and beyond to see how the heavens declare God’s glory and the truth of His recent creation.

With digital technology, planetarium shows aren’t limited to astronomy. You could raft through the Grand Canyon, take a helicopter over Mount St. Helens, or even explore the inner workings of the cell.

Our goal in this project is to attract guests of all ages and worldviews, captivate them with God’s creation, and encourage Christian faith by presenting solid scientific evidence that confirms the Bible. Will you help us make this world-class outreach a reality? Help us fund the planetarium to showcase how God designed order, complexity, and creativity throughout the young cosmos.

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