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San Diego to Host International Creation Conference in 2008

The sixth gathering of the International Conference on Creationism will be held next summer in San Diego on August 3-6. Nearly 100 abstracts have been accepted for the conference by the peer review committees, which will evaluate each manuscript for clarity and accuracy before final editorial selections are made.

Themes in this research conference will address:

  • Foundations of Science
  • Life Sciences
  • Astro-Sciences
  • Earth and Planetary Sciences
  • Social Sciences and Humanities

Each evening a keynote presentation will be presented by a leading creationist researcher who will survey the progress made in broad areas of creation science over the past 20 years.

The University of San Diego, which overlooks Mission Bay and San Diego, will host the conference as well as provide accommodations and meals. USD is only a short distance from the San Diego Zoo, Mission Bay Park, Sea World, Scripps Aquarium, and the beaches near La Jolla. Nearby hotel accommodations are numerous. Details about conference registration and accommodations will be available soon.

If you’re looking to discover what cutting-edge research is currently being conducted by leading creation scientists, put this conference on your calendar and plan to bring your family to enjoy a wonderful week in San Diego. 

*Dr. Vardiman is Professor of Atmospheric Science and Director of Research.

Cite this article: Vardiman, L. 2007. San Diego to Host International Creation Conference in 2008. Acts & Facts. 36 (9): 6.

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