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Recapping 2005 at ICR

by John D. Morris

With the coming of each New Year we look back and take stock of what has been accomplished in the previous one. Thus we report to those who undergird us with gifts, prayers and service, focus on the year ahead, and give God the glory for it all. It has been a year of prioritizing and growth, punctuated by numerous wonderful accomplishments.


The biggest research accomplishment was in the RATE research on radioisotope dating. To document changing decay rates knocks the billions of years claim into disarray. The results will be hard to ignore, although it will be a daunting task to make the secularists respond. Unfortunately, some of the biggest opposition has come from Christians who accept deep time. Why do they combat evidence which so clearly supports Biblical literalism?

Already more research projects are starting up: GENE on human genomics; FAST on catastrophic geology; and CLIMATE on the radical paleo climates of the Flood and after. Look for encouraging breakthroughs in each area.

The graduate research faculty has grown this year, with the addition of Dr. John Baumgardner and a new announcement next month in genetics. We've purchased a new super computer "Epiphany" to facilitate all of the projects.

The ICR Graduate School has extended, with the addition of several of its science education courses being available online. Soon non-degree training in creation evidences will also be available. Through Dr. Baumgardner, we've also started a technical "mentorship" program for Ph.D. students and professors with the goal of training the next generation of creation research scientists.

The Graduate School sponsored a jam-packed and enjoyable tour to the Galapagos last spring, but a planned tour to England was cancelled due to international stability.


The Outreach Division has adjusted to a changing "demand" in American churches. No longer is there much interest in large, area-wide seminars, but this has opened many doors for ministry in individual churches, conventions, and special meetings. The ICR speakers have been busy.

Some highlights: A presentation of the RATE research to the 2,500 pastors assembled at the Shepherd's Conference, each receiving a gift of the RATE DVD and a copy of The Genesis Record; the all day RATE conference with 2,300 in attendance; a convention of the 25th anniversary of the eruption of Mount St. Helens with 1,000 present; and several pastor's conferences. Other types of lectures at churches, universities, seminaries, etc. number about 250 venues.

The creation message echoed internationally too, with ICR speakers in Peru, Bolivia, Honduras, Mexico, Canada, Korea, Japan, Germany, and Australia.

A major update of our website has brought many visitors, new and old, with approximately 3,000,000 visits. If you haven't seen it lately, check out The update is extensive but only half finished, so mark the address.

The Radio Ministry of ICR continues to expand with 411 stations now carrying "Science, Scripture, & Salvation," 587 carrying "Back to Genesis," 332 carrying "DeRegresso a Génesis," and maybe twice that many "translators" or secondary repeating stations. A "special" broadcast of the RATE discoveries was aired this past fall on multiple outlets. Meanwhile the increased interest in creation kept the ICR scientists busy with TV, radio, and other media interviews.

The ICR Museum of Creation and Earth History expanded this year with three new sections and touch screens refuting evolution claims and highlighting creation evidence and research.

The Resource Development Department marshaled the three RATE products to completion: the technical RATE book; the layman's book, Thousands not Billions; and the docu-drama by the same name. They also produced the technical monograph, The Frozen Record, on a creationist understanding of the Ice Age.

Of course, our monthly newsletter Acts & Facts continued going to nearly 130,000 people while the quarterly Days of Praise was sent to over 315,000 with combined electronic subscriptions of the two publications over 28,500.


God allowed ICR to break even again this year. He is so faithful. ICR's budget has grown increasingly large, nearly all of it met through monthly donations. We are not, nor have we ever been in debt, nor do we have endowments underwriting the ministry. He supplies all of our needs according to His riches.

This year the ICR Board of Trustees named Dr. David Wismer as Chairman, and Dr. Larry Vardiman as Chief Operations Officer, relieving me of many of the burdensome administrative duties. My brother, Dr. Henry Morris III moved to Dallas to have a more central location to head up the Distance Education project.

ICR stalwart Dr. Duane Gish "retired" this year, although he comes into the office once or twice a week and still accepts speaking invitations and debates. My father, Dr. Henry Morris, also "semi-retired," maintains a welcome presence. Both are in good health and intend to continue as long as God enables.

All-in-all, it's been a very good year, with prospects for the year ahead strong. God is firmly enthroned in the universe and here at ICR, and we thankfully anticipate His continued blessings.

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