RATE Conference in Denver on September 15 | The Institute for Creation Research
RATE Conference in Denver on September 15

Evolutionary "deep time" is accepted as fact, but what does the evidence actually show? In 1997, seven scientists set out to explore this question through a scientific research project called RATE—Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth. Over an eight-year period they investigated the assumptions and procedures that have been used to date the earth, and discovered that instead of millions and billions of years, the evidence actually supports the Bible's depiction of a young earth.

Now the Institute for Creation Research brings these important scientific discoveries to Denver in our sixth RATE conference, to be held September 15 at the Colorado Community Church. Join Drs. Gary Parker, John Baumgardner, Russell Humphreys, and Donald DeYoung for a full day of presentations on their groundbreaking scientific research that underscores the accuracy of the Genesis account of creation.

This will be our second Colorado conference this year. In Back to Genesis: The Battle for the Beginning, held in Colorado Springs on April 28, over 700 people participated in the science and creation seminars offered by pre-eminent scholars and NASA astronaut Jeffrey Williams.

Our September RATE conference promises to be equally uplifting, instructive, and effective in presenting the scientific evidence that affirms the truth of our Creator and His Word. We hope to see you there!

For more information on attending the Denver conference, click here.

For more details regarding the RATE research project, click here.

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