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"My soul cleaveth unto the dust: quicken thou me according to thy word" (Psalm 119:25).

The grave circumstances which the psalmist was experiencing caused him to cry out to God and write Psalm 119. He felt his soul was laid low in the dust (v.25) and was melting for heaviness (v.28). There were those who were oppressing him (vv.121,134), persecuting him (vv.86,
157,161) and lying about him (v.69). He was in great affliction (vv.50,67,71,75,107,153). His enemies had almost consumed him (v.87).

In the midst of all these trials the writer knew that his only deliverance was for God to quicken him. He prayed eleven different times in this psalm for God to quicken him. The same word was used in Psalm 71:20 and 80:18. Quicken means to give life, restore, revive, renew, or stimulate. But how is this accomplished?

Quickening would come through God's Word, precepts, and judgments. "Quicken thou me according to thy word" (Psalm 119:25; see also vv.50,107,154). "I will never forget thy precepts: for with them thou hast quickened me" (v.93). "O Lord, quicken me according to thy judgment" (149,154,156). The New Testament's emphasis is the same-"For the word of God is quick [living] and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword" (Hebrews 4:12).

Quickening would come through a remembrance of God's righteousness and lovingkindness. "Quicken me in thy righteousness" (Psalm 119:40). "Quicken me after thy loving-kindness" (v.88, see also v.159).

Quickening would also come by walking in God's way and not in man's vain way. "Turn away mine eyes from beholding vanity; and quicken thou me in thy way" (v.37). "This is my comfort in my affliction: for thy word hath quickened me" (v.50). NPS

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