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Needed - More Watchmen


Sadly, many churches today use Sunday School materials produced by their denominations that teach a compromising position in regard to the Book of Genesis. Theistic evolution and other positions that allow for evolution are prevalent in such literature. Many denominations claim that they do not take a dogmatic stand on Genesis, and thus allow a variety of views. However, in doing so, they are taking a dogmatic stand against the position that Genesis is literal, historical truth, and that it is foundational to the Bible.

Many Christians, even those who do not accept such compromising positions, do little to try to combat this terrible situation, as they believe it is useless to fight the system. However, it would be well for all of us to read Ezekiel 3:17, where the Lord talks to the watchman. "Son of man, I have made thee a watchman unto the house of Israel: Therefore hear the Word at My mouth, and give them warning from Me." In verse 20 we read," . . .when a righteous man doth turn from his righteousness, and commit iniquity, and I lay a stumbling block before him, he shall die: Because thou hast not given him warning, he shall die in his sin, and his righteousness which he hath done shall not be remembered; but his blood will I require at thine hand."

If we are aware that there is compromise in our churches and Sunday Schools, in the literature put out by our churches, and in the colleges that our churches support and we have done nothing to warn people concerning this, the Bible says that the Lord will hold us accountable.

Recently we received an exciting testimony from someone who did take a stand against the evolutionary infiltration in the Sunday School literature of his denomination. As a result, the Lord honored this action, enabling this material to be removed from the system. Not only that, but other changes have now occurred which are leading to a greater emphasis on the importance of Genesis throughout this denomination. Remember in the last issue we said that we could be like David and fight the "giants" when the Lord is on our side and we stand for the truth. You will be excited to hear this young man's testimony:

"I am a Sunday School director in my local church and an elected district representative to the district and general church. In the fall of 1988, the general church published a series of lessons for new believers, so we ordered a set to try them. I was curious about what would be presented on origins and the authority of God's Word, so I read carefully the article relative to creation. I was appalled over the way creation science was slandered and theistic evolution was promoted, and sure enough, the section relative to the infallibility of Scripture would have played well in any liberal circle, or worse."

The young man who wrote the above had been corresponding with the denominational leaders concerning a major challenge to one of their liberal arts college science departments which was teaching evolution. He had received a letter back from the college and the science department, telling him that his position on a literal Genesis was wrong, and informing him the position he held on a literal Genesis was extreme, and not held by scientists or theologians. The young man was discouraged, but was not willing to let the issue rest, particularly since he had seen this latest Sunday School literature, which also compromised with evolution. About this time, he received a very encouraging letter from his district leader, who was a very well-respected pastor in the denomination, and who, only days before, had attended a "Back to Genesis" seminar program run by our staff.

With all of this in mind, and a great deal of prayer, he went back to his typewriter to again confront his denomination over their compromising position with evolution. He quoted Scripture and gave evidence to back up his position. He also wrote a special letter to the general superintendent pointing out this problem, and mentioned a recent incident where a local public school biology teacher, who strongly promoted evolution in the high school, had proudly displayed a diploma from one of this church's "Christian" colleges in his class.

A short time later, he received a letter from the Sunday School director explaining that he had not previously reviewed the material in question, but since doing so, had made a decision to pull the evolutionary material out. He mentioned that this had been the only negative letter he had received concerning this material, but, none the less, it had convinced him, and he would delete it.

The young man who confronted his denomination went on to tell us that, "since this episode there have been several top-level changes that I would like to report—the Adult Ministries Director has been replaced, and the editor for the denominational magazine has resigned (he was a theistic evolutionist). Both men who are now in place are creationists, and the leadership has assured me that this is the way things will stay. In fact, they have requested everything we have relative to scientific creationism—a request that will be readily filled! This battle has only just begun as I still have a grave concern for our colleges where evolution is so prevalent and the teaching in direct opposition to the Scripture. God is working still and as I continue to serve Him, there may even be greater things in store if one maintains Christian love, humbleness and prayerful commitment to expose the lie, evolution, in all of its forms within the church."

In previous issues of this "Back to Genesis" insert, we have listed specific questions you can ask of your churches, schools, and colleges, etc., to discern what they are teaching in relation to the Book of Genesis. We have also encouraged people to be like David and to be prepared to fight the "giants" of the day. Because of the actions of one young man, a whole denomination that influences thousands upon thousands of people has had a change in emphasis that may (if vigilance is maintained) result in generations to come hearing the truth about creation.

We are thankful to know that the "Back to Genesis" program played a part in all of this. We are doing what we can to influence the pastors and people in this nation to get "back to Genesis." You can play a vital role like this young man. Are you prepared to take up the challenge?


. . . that as a general rule, only volcanic and igneous rocks (those rocks, which were once in a molten or liquid form) can be dated by radiometric dating schemes? Several methods have been devised which can, in principle, date such rocks, but in each case several assumptions must be made which may or may not be accurate.


The scientific literature is full of cases where the method provides dates which cannot possibly be true. For instance, historic lava flows are frequently dated as millions of years old. A most interesting example is in the Grand Canyon, site of ongoing ICR research. The lavas at the top of the Grand Canyon are dated by some methods as over a billion years older than those in the bottom of the canyon!

Given the questionable assumptions involved, it is no wonder that so many results are thrown out. The true wonder is that some of the rest come to be accepted.

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