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Loads of Benefits

We all have so much to be thankful for. Even in an age of rising wickedness, God has been so very good to us, and we can only marvel at His infinite mercy and grace. Not only has He forgiven our sins, saved our souls, and promised us eternal life, but He also “daily loads us with benefits” (Psalm 68:19)! Indeed, the “LORD has done great things for us, and we are glad” (Psalm 126:3).

God has been so very good to us, and we can only marvel at His infinite mercy and grace. Tweet: God has been so very good to us, and we can only marvel at His infinite mercy and grace. https://www.icr.org/article/10293/ @icrscience

These marvelous benefits also extend to the work of the Institute for Creation Research. God has supplied for us in ways only He could do and has used ICR’s ministry to benefit many others in their walk and witness for Christ. I am reminded of this every time I review the notes and letters we receive. These are a great blessing to me personally, and I frequently share them with the ICR staff. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, it is my pleasure to share a few of His “benefits” to us.

Consider this testimony from a supporter originally from India: “Many years ago, before coming to this good country, a dear missionary gave me a copy of The Genesis Flood. I had recently accepted Jesus…and words cannot tell my profound joy as page after page confirmed my new faith. ICR is a great benefit to me, and I thank my Creator Jesus for you!”

"ICR is a great benefit to me, and I thank my Creator Jesus for you!" Tweet:

From a scientist working in the oil and gas industry: “I have been a supporter of ICR since the early 1980s when I first heard your grandfather speak at a church in New Orleans and heard Dr. [Duane] Gish demolish a Tulane professor in a debate. That started me on a lifelong journey to pursue the evidence for a young earth and universe. I am deeply indebted to your grandfather and the ministry of ICR for their impact, research, and materials. We are praying for…ICR, the building of the Discovery Center, and are looking forward to visiting it soon.”

A long-time subscriber in Virginia writes: “I read Acts & Facts each month from cover to cover. Every issue has articles that to me are especially important. Thank you, and the other ICR staff, employees…for holding fast to God’s Word, for maintaining a Christian worldview, for your continuing Christian humility, for your continued genuine efforts to walk in the ways of the Lord, and for your attitude of gratitude. You all are a very clear example of the good tree bringing forth good fruit.”

"I am deeply indebted to...the ministry of ICR for their impact, research, and materials." Tweet:

In reference to our That’s a Fact online videos, a generous supporter sent this email: “Please pass on my thank you to all those involved in developing these short videos. They are awesome! I just looked at the first 10 [and] just forwarded your email…to my teenage grandchildren so that they too can be blessed by the facts of God’s creative power and truth. May God continue to bless everyone at ICR and all your ministries to the world about the truth of His Word!”

And finally, from a hurricane survivor in Houston: “I found a waterlogged copy of your [Days of Praise] booklet while clearing out the mess that ol’ Harvey left us. I was tired and needed a break…so I sat right down on a soggy couch and read a few devotionals. I don’t know who ‘HMM’ is, but OH MY! What timely refreshment to my soul! God is still running things, and He’ll take care of His own…and I can’t thank y’all enough. Keep the blessings coming!”

Truly, God “daily loads us with benefits,” and ICR thanks God daily for you. Tweet: Truly, God

These represent a fraction of the many marvelous testimonies we receive, and I hope they bless you as much as they did me and will encourage you to keep praying and giving in support of our work. Truly, God “daily loads us with benefits,” and ICR thanks God daily for you.

* Mr. Morris is Director of Donor Relations at the Institute for Creation Research.

Cite this article: Henry M. Morris IV. 2017. Loads of Benefits. Acts & Facts. 46 (11).

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