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Jesus And The Sons Of God

“I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High” (Psalm 82:6).

This relatively little-known 82nd psalm is actually quite important. Both in this verse and in the first verse, a group of men are actually called “gods.” The Hebrew word is elohim, which is almost always translated “God” (as, for example, in Genesis 1:1). It is a uniplural noun, however, with specific usage depending on context, sometimes referring also to angels or false gods, or even, as here, to human judges who act as God’s representatives in judicial decisions.

The Lord Jesus Himself indicated its importance when He cited it in defense of His own claim to be the Son of God. “Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods? If He called them gods, unto whom the word of God came, and the Scripture cannot be broken; Say ye of Him, whom the Father hath sanctified, and sent into the world, Thou blasphemest; because I said, I am the Son of God?” (John 10:34–36).

The word of God did come in ancient times to these human judges of Israel. However, we never read of the word of God coming to Jesus Christ, for the simple reason that He is the word of God! As the great Creator God sent His word into the world through human “gods,” so He finally sent His living word into the world. The Lord Jesus had not only claimed to be the Son of God; He was the Son of God. He had repeatedly demonstrated this fact in both word and deed, but His enemies still arrogantly charged Him with blasphemy.

The final verse of Psalm 82 was addressed not to human “gods” but to God Himself. “Arise, O God, judge the earth: for thou shalt inherit all nations” (Psalm 82:8). This statement can be directed to none other than the Son of God Himself. “For the Father judgeth no man, but hath committed all judgment unto the Son” (John 5:22), “whom He hath appointed heir of all things” (Hebrews 1:2). HMM

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