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ICR Conference to Confront an Icon of Evolution!

Thousands . . . Not Billions -- that's both the title and theme of the upcoming national conference in San Diego at Shadow Mountain Community Church on November 5, 2005. This is perhaps the most significant conference in ICR's thirty-six-year history, as a team of scientists known as the RATE team (Radioisotopes and the Age of The Earth) reveal their amazing discoveries from an eight-year research project that strikes at the very heart of evolution by shining new light on the age of the earth.

This once-in-a-lifetime event will be emceed by ICR's president, Dr. John Morris, and will feature four key spokesmen from the eight-scientist RATE team. Dr. Larry Vardiman, Ph.D. in Atmospheric Science; Dr. Russell Humphreys, Ph.D. in Physics; Dr. Andrew Snelling, Ph.D. in Geology; and Dr. John Baumgardner, Ph.D. in Geophysics, will summarize this incredible story and unveil the stunning research findings discovered during this historic project. The conference will culminate with a premiere showing of a brand new 50-minute "docu-drama" appropriately titled, Thousands . . . Not Billions.

The Bible clearly teaches that God created the world in six literal days. Combining the Biblical chronologies with a six-day creation suggests a young earth, not an old one. Yet mainstream scientists dogmatically assert that the earth is billions of years old. How does the Bible-believing Christian reconcile the truth of Scripture with the claims of conventional science? Should Christians reinterpret Genesis based on man's current interpretation of science or re-examine the scientific facts based on the plain teaching of Genesis?

Many in the Church today have given into the pressure of secular science by attempting to unite it with the Bible. After all, how can so many scientists be wrong? What other alternative is there but to merge the views together? Is there any science that is in harmony with the straightforward teaching of Scripture? What about the claims for the ages of rocks and their fossils being millions and billions of years old? Are there minerals in rocks that can determine their age?

It is commonly believed that radioisotope dating provides unquestionable proof that the earth's rocks are billions of years old. However, many people are unaware that radioisotope dating often produces conflicting results. Different methods often disagree with each other; and rocks which are known to be young, when tested, frequently yield a very old age.

The RATE team has been examining this and many other challenges to conventional dating methods. The results of this study are quite compelling.

Some may wonder what is so important about the debate over the age of the earth. It all boils down to the defense of Scripture. If Christians do not stand firm and earnestly contend for the faith, then the authority of Scripture is jeopardized and sound doctrine will begin to slip away. So at the heart of this research is the defense of the plain teaching of the Bible. If we cannot take Genesis at face value, the rest of Scripture comes into question.

The evidence for a young earth is quite convincing and should at least cause those who believe that the earth is billions of years old to re-examine the evidence. The supposed old age of rocks and fossils is really the "linchpin" of evolution. The RATE research not only calls into question these dating techniques, but it has also offered real evidence that the earth is thousands, not billions of years old, just as the Bible teaches.

Come witness first-hand reports of the groundbreaking research that challenge the old-earth icon of evolution and supports the creation account in Genesis. Find out about the enormous disparity in the reported age of rocks when conventional dating methods were applied, and how the RATE team confronted these disagreements through careful documented research.

Learn why carbon-14 found in deep-earth diamonds offers convincing evidence that the earth is very young. Discover the truth about conventional dating methods and why they are highly inaccurate. Hear about the evidence that suggests that nuclear decay was most likely accelerated in the past. These and many other amazing discoveries will be introduced to the public at this premiere event.

The RATE research promises to deliver another huge blow to the continually weakening concept of evolution as the RATE team shares hard evidence that the earth is young after all. Simply put, if the icon of long ages is destroyed, evolution has no foundation; and, once again, we can confidently conclude that true science and the Bible really do have the same Author.

Pre-registration for this November 5 conference is required and seating is limited, so if you plan to attend, or would like additional information or brochures, please call Denise Prock at 619/448-0900, ext. 6020.


For event details, please see: RATE Conference.

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