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Hurricane Katrina
The faculty and staff of the Institute for Creation Research extend their sympathy and prayers to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. In the midst of tragedy, we know that the God of all comfort can give grace and hope. I encourage Christians across the country and around the world to support the victims through prayer as well as through donations to relief efforts. Whether you give time, money, or labor, your faith can be evidenced by your works for the comfort of others.
ICR has donated and shipped two pallets of books, DVDs, and other resources to a friend in Mississippi who will oversee their dispersion to shelters housing victims of the hurricane. While these items will not rebuild anyone’s home or make the floodwaters recede, they will offer some entertainment and occupation in the midst of tragedy. We pray the Lord uses our contribution to encourage the victims and also further the gospel of Christ and creation.
May our Creator be glorified and the saints encouraged!
Dr. John Morris
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