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Honoring Pioneers of Creation

It’s always fun to catch up with old friends. We recently asked some pioneers of the creation movement to share with us where they are in their professional, personal, and ministry pursuits. In some cases, we spoke to family members who are carrying on the legacy of a loved one who has gone home to the Lord. Others, unfortunately, weren't able to make a contribution. We also went back to Drs. Henry Morris and Duane Gish’s very first entries in what would become today’s Acts & Facts. You can read their thoughts and hopes here.

In this special edition, we pass along to you, our friends, what these pioneers told us. Many of you will no doubt recall their earlier involvement with ICR’s work, as well as their many contributions to Acts & Facts and other resources. They’ve continued their commitment to creation ministry, while pursuing their passion for honoring the Creator of the universe. These champions of creation established a foundation that ICR continues to build on.

As ICR President Emeritus Dr. John Morris says, “Retirement sure doesn’t slow you down….It has been my continual pleasure to study and teach the freeing news of creation, praising the Lord who has done so much for me.”

Jayme Durant is Executive Editor and Director of Communications at the Institute for Creation Research.

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