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Is God Being Outlawed in California?


This is an urgent message to every Bible-believing Christian.


Something ominous is happening in California education, which may soon have ramifications throughout the entire nation, and affect millions of children for decades to come. If humanistic educators in the States schools and colleges can gain control of the minds of young people and train them to reject God as Creator, a totally pagan culture will result. Ail Christians need to know the tactics being employed to accomplish this, so they can fight the battle.


It should be remembered, though, that no matter what happens on this earth and regardless of how anti-God the courts or governments may become, the Creator God is our " everlasting King" (Jeremiah 10:10) whose throne is "forever and ever" Hebrews 1:8). He is the "King of all the earth" (Psalm 47:7). Thus, God can NEVER be dethroned, even though rebellious men may try to do so. However, as Paul warns us in Ephesians, we are engaged in a mortal conflict with the devil and all his forces, and if we do not take the appropriate action with respect to it, we will undoubtedly and inevitably be defeated. Ephesians 6:10-13 is a stirring call to battle. God does make us more than conquerors, but we have to fight, nonetheless. We dare not sit back and do nothing.


Recently, we acquired copies of the working draft of the Science Framework Committee that is proposing a new science curriculum to be adopted by the California State Board of Education. Those responsible for this material did not want anyone outside the committee to see it, for once something has been voted on and accepted, it is difficult to have it reversed. The Framework, if and when adopted, will implement a new Policy Statement already approved for the State of California, which allows evolutionism to be promoted dogmatically in California’s schools. Below is a sampling of some of the points that highlight the philosophy the office of Bill Honig (Superintendent of Public instruction) wants adopted into education.

1. "Evolution is the central organizing principle of biology, and has fundamental importance in the other sciences as well. . .evolution is a fact, and it is also a theory. . . However, certain fundamentalist religious groups in our country have been historically opposed to evolution on religious grounds, and so it has become a controversial issue. Nevertheless, the weight of scientific evidence is clear.... But there is no doubt about the fact of evolution or about the general features of the theory of evolution."

2. "Evolution should be the starting point of any course in natural science. Evolution should be shown to be the basis of biology, the historical record of the chemical processes that led to the appearance of life, the reason for the pattern of history in earth science, and the direct analogue of cosmology (evolution of the universe) in physics and astronomy.

"The ramifications of evolution should permeate every textbook as a basic part of K-12 education. Evolution is the basis of biological classification, comparative anatomy and physiology, ecology, and stellar and planetary formation.... Educators should reject the notion that evolution is too complex a topic for even elementary students to understand." (Emphasis ours).

3. "While recognizing the right of individuals to hold and practice their own beliefs, teachers must not be pressured by any social community, parental, or administrative influences to distort or suppress science [by this they mean evolution], or go beyond what they are professionally obligated to teach."

In other words, parents have no say regarding this matter. The State has decided what instructors will teach—and they MUST teach evolution as fact. Even teachers are not allowed any freedom in this.

Ironically, the document also defines science as observable, testable, repeatable, and falsifiable. Evolution fails all of these criteria--but modern evolutionists in effect have defined science to be "naturalism" and declared evolution to be a fact. These people also say that any ethical matters (birth control, population control, conservation, animal rights, etc.) must be taught from this evolutionary perspective.

Many have recognized the document as proposing "New Age" doctrine, for parts sound like Eastern mysticism in philosophy. Consider: " . . .no instructional materials should ever convey the impression that science itself is a matter of guesswork, belief, or opinion.... In science, there is no truth. There is only received understanding that tests itself and builds upon itself constantly." On the previous page the document states that "The theme of evolution is what links all the disciplines necessary to the study of life." The committee insists in the document that students should not get the idea that any part of science (which they equate with evolution) is belief. They talk about science being accumulated knowledge with theories that continually change--but evolution itself is not to be questioned. Evolution is fact, they claim, and the backbone of science!


If this document is accepted and enforced, public school students will hear only that evolution is fact in science classes. The document further states that "provisions for 'equal time' for religious beliefs held to conflict with scientific knowledge (which they equate with evolution) are not valid in the context of science classrooms.... Examples of pseudosciences include astrology, extrasensory perception, UFOology, and creation science."

When we consider that many saddened parents have told of their children’s rejection of Christianity because of the teaching of evolution in schools and colleges, how much more so will this be if this totally evolutionary indoctrination program is adopted and implemented at all grade levels.


It needs to be emphasized that by rejecting creation and teaching only evolution, the Science Framework Committee has not thrown out religion. The State would merely be establishing a totally humanistic, secular religion!

ICR is, through its Extension Division and its publications, reaching more people than ever before with the vital and foundational message of creation. The implication of this message--that there is a God who owns everything and everyone and thus demands that His rules be obeyed--is opposed by those who want to govern their own lives and maintain whatever lifestyle they please (e.g., homosexuality, abortion pornography; etc.).


This hostile takeover of education will not stop at the public school. From what has happened with the State's threat to the ICR Graduate School's right to offer science degrees, it is obvious that Superintendent Bill Honig's office intends to insist on the above framework philosophy in EVERY school--including Christian schools and colleges if their science courses are to be acceptable. It is not an exaggeration to say that if this document is accepted, all schools may soon have to teach evolution as fact and as the backbone of science, for in California, the State has the power to grant or rescind a school's license to operate. This may be just around the corner--not only for California, but for other states as well. Already the ideas expressed in this California science framework document are starting to appear in education journals and are being expressed by various spokespersons as necessary for other states. A similar power play is even now in progress in the state of Texas, as well as other states.


There is an increasingly influential organization formed for the specific purpose of opposing creation and propagandizing evolution in this nation. This organization calls itself the "Committees of Correspondence," associated closely with the atheistic American Humanist Association. An officer of this organization, Dr. Kevin Padian (a Berkeley paleontologist), is a leading member of the committee now composing the Science Framework for recommendation to the State Board of Education. Dr. Padian clearly has his own evolutionary agenda which plainly has influenced others on the committee, and thus the entire future of California science education. This seems to involve an obvious conflict of interest, but the Superintendent's office seems unconcerned.


Every Christian organization, Christian school, home school, and any organization involved in promoting Christian truth or Christian morality needs to be involved in this battle for the mind. This world in which we live is a battleground as well as a mission field-a place in which we must not only proclaim the Gospel but also defend it against its enemies (note Philippians 1:7, 17). We at ICR can only try to inform you of the battle, and continue to let the world know that Jesus Christ is the Creator, Savior, and Judge.


Cite this article: Kenneth Ham. 1989. Is God Being Outlawed in California?. Acts & Facts. 18 (4).

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