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Four Decades of Grace and Goodness

Last year while leading the ICR Yosemite Creation Tour, I was overwhelmed with the beauty of this pristine national park. Even more amazing was the reality of how Yosemite Valley was formed, as Dr. Larry Vardiman taught our group about massive glaciers in the Sierra Nevada mountain range during the Ice Age. Read his Impact article on page 12. It reminds me that God does indeed cause all things to work together for good (Romans 8:28)--He transforms catastrophe into a cause for praise!

Praise is on our lips at ICR as we reflect on the 40 years of grace and goodness the Lord has bestowed on this ministry since its founding in 1970. We want you to rejoice with us--and partner with us as we move forward in communicating the message of the Creator to the world. ICR is thrilled to announce that Dr. Albert Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, will be our special keynote speaker at the 40th anniversary celebration here in Dallas on October 7. Dr. Mohler is a leader in the evangelical world, one who is unafraid to stand for the authority and accuracy of Scripture. Read about him on page 7. We will be making further announcements regarding the banquet in upcoming issues, on our website, and through email.

By the way, do we have your current email address? This is an important tool for ICR to use to let you know about new resources or speakers who will be coming to your area. And it's good stewardship, as it saves on printing and postage costs. Send your updated email address to and let us know you want to be added to this announcement list.

I am so pleased to welcome Lt. Col. Charles "Chas" Morse (ret.) as ICR's Director of Events. Last April, in anticipation of his retirement from the U.S. Air Force, Chas stopped by our campus to see how he might invest his future with ICR. I couldn't have been more thrilled, especially with our plans to expand our Events offerings around the world. But Chas is no stranger to ICR--he was a student under our founder at Christian Heritage College, his father was involved in the early days of ICR's research and speaking, and for the past four years Chas has been an ICR board member. His enthusiasm and experience are just what we've been looking for to take ICR Events to the next level. Read our interview with Chas on page 6.

Speaking of Events, you will have noticed in the February issue a description of each of our speakers. We now have an updated brochure that you can receive or give to your pastor, and this information is now available online at Just let us know how we can help get the message of creation to your area.

Dr. Henry Morris III has a new message out in a book titled Pulling Down Strongholds. Look for information on how to get your copy on page 23. It's a great challenge for Christians everywhere as we face greater and greater spiritual opposition in our world.

Enjoy your issue of Acts & Facts this month, and then pass it along to someone you meet who might need a boost to their faith!

* Mr. Ford is Executive Editor at the Institute for Creation Research.

Cite this article: Ford, L. 2010. Four Decades of Grace and Goodness. Acts & Facts. 39 (3): 3.

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