Do Isaiah 40:22 and Psalm 29:10 Speak to Cosmological Realities? Considering the “Waters Above” and Earth’s Cosmic Choreography | The Institute for Creation Research
Do Isaiah 40:22 and Psalm 29:10 Speak to Cosmological Realities? Considering the “Waters Above” and Earth’s Cosmic Choreography

by Jake Hebert, Ph.D., and James J. S. Johnson, J.D., Th.D.

In Creation Research Society Quarterly 55 (1): 44-48

I n a recent CRSQ article, Hebert (2017) analyzed some biblical passages that have cosmological relevance yet appear to be overlooked by many commentators. Hebert suggested that the Bible may teach that heaven, the abode of God, is located directly on the other side (i.e., outside) of the waters God placed above the expanse (Hebrew raqîa‘). In other words, the “waters above” (Genesis 1:6–8) are acting as a boundary or interface between our universe and heaven itself. He also suggested that God’s throne is located above these waters but in a northerly direction, most likely the direction of the north ecliptic pole.

Here we examine two additional passages of Scripture that may provide additional support for these ideas, Isaiah 40:22 and Psalm 29:10. Although these passages may be familiar to many biblical creationists, we suggest more detailed understandings of these passages, with analysis that should be informative to students of cosmology, as well as exciting to students of Scripture. In particular, a philological study of Isaiah 40:22’s Hebrew noun chûg (translated “circle” in KJV) indicates that Earth moves in a choreographed circuit, as opposed to Isaiah 40:22 being a proof-text for Earth’s roundness.

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