Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis Conference Coming to Lincoln, Nebraska | The Institute for Creation Research
Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis Conference Coming to Lincoln, Nebraska
Are you looking for real answers to the tough questions of faith and science? Come to the Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis Conference on June 26 at Lincoln Christian School in Lincoln, Nebraska.

ICR scientists will present evidence on the age of the universe, the origin of human life, dinosaurs, and more—all from a biblical perspective! Youth sessions are included for students from middle school through college. The conference will conclude with a Q&A session with both Dr. Brian Thomas and Dr. Jake Hebert.

Admission is $12.50 for adults; students and children ages 18 and younger enter for free. Registration is required for all ages. A boxed lunch will be available as an add-on to your ticket at no extra cost. Click here to get details and purchase tickets.

Don’t live near Lincoln, NE, but have family and friends in the area? Please spread the word and invite them to this faith-building event on social media or via email.
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