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Hating Knowledge - Article
Henry Morris, Ph.D. - ... Paul says they are "without excuse" (II Peter 3:5; Romans 1:20), but they "delight in their scorning" nonetheless. It is remarkable that their hatred of God's true knowledge is cloaked in a robe of scientism and evolutionary...
Willful Ignorance - Article
Henry Morris IV - ... wondrous creation "that they are without excuse" (Romans 1:20). Simple ignorance is one thing, but willful ignorance? That is quite a different issue altogether! So what shall we do? ICR has stood in the gap of willful ignorance for...
Let the Word of God Be True - Article
Henry Morris, Ph.D. - ... the Fall, and this clearly contradicts Scripture (e.g., Romans 5:12; I Corinthians 15:21). The Bible—not scientism—should govern our interpretation of any such problems. The question of the firmament (Genesis 1:6) has also...
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