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Revelation 16:2: had the mark - Study Note
... will not be on just the third part of men this time (compare Revelation 9:15), but upon all the men destined for hell (Revelation 14:9-11). They had preferred the mark of the beast to suffering for Christ; now they will suffer anyhow. The...
Revelation 13:16: mark - Study Note
... assure an eternal destination in hell for all who accept it (Revelation 14:9-11). This will be some kind of indelible marking, easy to see and impossible to...
Psalms 75:8: the wine is red - Study Note
coming period of His final judgments (note Jeremiah 25:15-16; Revelation 14:9-11; etc.). Psalm 76 (title) Neginoth. On the meaning of Neginoth, see notes on the titles of Psalms 4 and...
Displaying 1 - 3