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Shielded by the Word - Article
Henry M. Morris III, D.Min. - ... 10:4). David was a warrior king, and many of his psalms contain battle terms used both literally and figuratively to show the way God protects and provides for us in spiritual warfare. The "hiding place" David often mentioned...
Wonder at the Word - Article
Henry M. Morris III, D.Min. - ... testimonies are wonderful: therefore doth my soul keep them." (Psalm 119:129) Josiah was eight years old when he became king of Judah. His grandfather was Manassah and his father Amon, both evil kings. While it seemed Josiah would...
The Urgent Faith - Article
Henry M. Morris III, D.Min. - ... (James 5:16). HMM III Adapted from Treasures in the Psalms, Henry M. Morris III,...
Psalms 79:12
... render unto our neighbours sevenfold into their bosom their reproach, wherewith they have reproached thee, O...
Psalms 89:12
... north and the south thou hast created them: Tabor and Hermon shall rejoice in thy...
Psalms 59:12
... the sin of their mouth and the words of their lips let them even be taken in their pride: and for cursing and lying which they...
Psalms 39:12
... my prayer, O LORD, and give ear unto my cry; hold not thy peace at my tears: for I am a stranger with thee, and a sojourner, as all my fathers...
Psalms 9:12
... he maketh inquisition for blood, he remembereth them: he forgetteth not the cry of the...
Psalms 19:12
... can understand his errors? cleanse thou me from secret...
Psalms 119:12
... art thou, O LORD: teach me thy...
Displaying 1 - 10