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Psalms 79:1: the heathen are come - Study Note
... the heathen are come. Psalms 73–83 are attributed to Asaph, who was one of David’s chief musicians. The reigns of David and Solomon represented the zenith of Israel’s power. Several of Asaph’s psalms, especially Psalm...
Psalms 135:15
... idols of the heathen are silver and gold, the work of men's...
Psalms 35:15: the abjects - Study Note
... the abjects. The Hebrew word for “abjects” is used in Scripture only this one time. The intended meaning seems to be “wretched smiters” or “despicable...
Psalms 135:15: work of men’s hands - Study Note
... work of men’s hands. This sarcastic evaluation of idols and those who worship them (Psalm 135:15-19) is essentially repeated from Psalm...
1 Chronicles 25:5: Heman the king’s seer - Study Note
... have been preserved by God for us in several of the Psalms (see note on I Chronicles...
Displaying 1 - 5