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Psalms 104:10: springs into the valleys - Study Note
... springs into the valleys. The Deluge waters were purified through filtration through the sediments left by the Flood, so that the rivers were renewed by freshwater springs. The rest of Psalm 104 speaks eloquently of God’s providential...
Psalms 104:24: in wisdom - Study Note
... in wisdom. The present world and its complex ecosystems provide abundantly for God’s providential care of His creation (as summarized in Psalm 104:10-23), and also provide abundant evidence of His omniscience in planning, designing and...
Psalms 147:8: rain for the earth - Study Note
... rain for the earth. There was no rain on the earth before the Flood (Genesis 2:5), so a new hydrologic cycle was instituted by God for these post-Flood years. See notes on Psalm...
Displaying 1 - 3