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Numbers 31:15: saved all the women - Study Note
... that they, as well as the Midianite men, be put to death (Numbers 25:17,18). No less than 24,000 Israelites had already been slain by God for this grievous sin (Numbers 25:9). Half that number were now sent to destroy the Midianite men and...
Numbers 15:35: put to death - Study Note
... and did it anyway was thus a “presumptuous” sin (Numbers 15:30), for which no offering was available to make atonement. In the gospel age, such a sin corresponds to the willful sin of Hebrews 10:26, for which “there remaineth no...
Revelation 2:14: doctrine of Balaam - Study Note
... doctrine of Balaam. See Numbers 31:15-16. The “doctrine of Balaam,” which had apparently infiltrated the Pergamos church, was that of compromise with the immoral and ungodly life-style of the pagans around them, in similar fashion...
Displaying 1 - 3