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Numbers 30:2
... a man vow a vow unto the LORD, or swear an oath to bind his soul with a bond; he shall not break his word, he shall do according to all that proceedeth out of his...
A Statute And An Ordinance - Article
John D. Morris, Ph.D. - be shared. Similar distributions had taken place under Moses (Numbers 31:11–27) and Joshua (22:1–8), but here David established an ongoing principle. This incident is not just of historical significance. In times of war, those who keep...
2 Chronicles 30:2: in the second month - Study Note
... had been made to defer it for one month if necessary (Numbers...
Numbers 30:2: If a man vow - Study Note
... If a man vow. These statutes concerning vows were possibly given at this time because it had only recently become a problem in the camp. Perhaps the imminence of the long-awaited Canaanite campaign had stimulated numerous rash vows which would...
Displaying 1 - 4