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Numbers 28:26
... in the day of the firstfruits, when ye bring a new meat offering unto the LORD, after your weeks be out, ye shall have an holy convocation; ye shall do no servile...
Numbers 28:27
... ye shall offer the burnt offering for a sweet savour unto the LORD; two young bullocks, one ram, seven lambs of the first...
Numbers 28:21
... several tenth deal shalt thou offer for every lamb, throughout the seven...
Numbers 28:25
... on the seventh day ye shall have an holy convocation; ye shall do no servile...
Numbers 28:2
... the children of Israel, and say unto them, My offering, and my bread for my sacrifices made by fire, for a sweet savour unto me, shall ye observe to offer unto me in their due...
Numbers 28:22
... one goat for a sin offering, to make an atonement for...
Numbers 28:24
... this manner ye shall offer daily, throughout the seven days, the meat of the sacrifice made by fire, of a sweet savour unto the LORD: it shall be offered beside the continual burnt offering, and his drink...
Numbers 28:20
... their meat offering shall be of flour mingled with oil: three tenth deals shall ye offer for a bullock, and two tenth deals for a...
Numbers 28:23
... shall offer these beside the burnt offering in the morning, which is for a continual burnt...
The Fear Of The Lord - Article
Henry M. Morris, Ph.D. - ... books, or a total of 3 x 7 altogether, both important Bible numbers . As we see from the verses in Job preceding our text, when God first made man He told him that true wisdom is “the fear of the Lord” (Adonai—the only use of...
Displaying 1 - 10