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Evolutionary Math? - Article
Jason Lisle, Ph.D. - ... an evolutionist mathematician study? Can the existence of numbers and mathematical laws be explained by a time-and-chance naturalistic origin? To answer these questions, let us first consider some background material and definitions....
Numbers 8:24: Twenty and five years old - Study Note
... period of their lives between ages thirty and fifty (compare Numbers 4:3). The same was true of the Gershonites (Numbers 4:23) and the sons of Merari (Numbers 4:30). Evidently the young Levites began a sort of apprenticeship at age twenty-five,...
Numbers 23:24: great lion - Study Note
... none other than Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ. See also Numbers...
Numbers 33:53: given you the land - Study Note
... given you the land. This command to drive out the Canaanites was frequently given. See Exodus 23:24; 34:11-13; Leviticus 20:22-24; Deuteronomy 7:1-26; 20:16-18. The order was accompanied by a serious warning that failure to do this would lead...
Displaying 1 - 4