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Deuteronomy 3:1: Og the king of Bashan - Study Note
... Og the king of Bashan. See Numbers 21:33-35. Moses here gives much additional information about Og and his Amorite...
Numbers 21:33: Og the king of Bashan - Study Note
... Og the king of Bashan. The Bashanites were apparently another tribe of Amorites who had established their own separate kingdom, with the giant Og as their king (note Deuteronomy 3:11; 4:47). The great victories over these two Ammonite kings,...
The Amazing Prophetic Claims of the Lord Jesus Christ
... could be healed by simply looking upon the impaled serpent (Numbers 21:4-9), thus showing saving faith in God's Word. The spiritual picture is one of sin being judged by slaying the serpent, as it were, transferring the death penalty from the...
The Remarkable Re-Birth of Planet Earth - Article
Henry M. Morris, Ph.D. - ... crust of the earth is also the burial ground of vast numbers of animals fossilized in the great Flood, not to mention the human and animal bones since the Flood. All this evidence of suffering and death and the Curse must be purged out,...
Displaying 1 - 4