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The Scattering Hammer - Article
Henry M. Morris, Ph.D. - ... and the sheep of the flock shall be scattered abroad” (Matthew 26:31). Combining all these themes, our text really seems to be saying: “Is not My Word like a mighty hammer from heaven that shatters the great mountain and scatters it...
Matthew 26:31: it is written - Study Note
they all “forsook Him and fled” when it happened (Matthew...
Matthew 26:31
... saith Jesus unto them, All ye shall be offended because of me this night: for it is written, I will smite the shepherd, and the sheep of the flock shall be scattered...
Zechariah 13:7: smite the shepherd - Study Note
... smite the shepherd. This verse is quoted in Matthew 26:31 and Mark 14:27, by Christ Himself. He, the Good Shepherd, would give His life for the sheep (John 10:11) but, in the trauma of these world-changing events, His sheep would be scattered...
Displaying 1 - 4