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Matthew 24:7: nation shall rise against nation - Study Note
... course of the age. This becomes obvious by comparison with Luke’s narrative at this point in the discourse: “Then said He unto them, Nation shall…” (Luke 21:10). That is, ordinary local wars would not constitute a sign, since...
Luke 21:11: fearful sights - Study Note
... fearful sights. Only Luke’s account includes “fearful sights and great signs from heaven” among the signs of the nearness of Christ’s return. In recent decades, many people have, indeed, reported seeing such things...
Isaiah 34:4: as a scroll - Study Note
... as a scroll. These “fearful sights from heaven” (Luke 21:11) will be seen following the opening of the sixth seal on the great title deed scroll in heaven (Revelation 6:12-14) during the early years of the great tribulation period that...
Defects in the Jupiter Effect - Article
Donald B. DeYoung, Ph.D. - ... is one sign of the close of this age (Luke 21:11). Could it be that the 1982 Jupiter Effect is the fulfillment of this Bible prophecy? Let us consider the theory in detail to determine...
John 21:11: was not the net broken - Study Note
... On that occasion three years previously, the net had broken (Luke 5:6). This time, however, it did not break, indicating that, if the human “fish” were securely caught in the gospel net, they would surely be drawn to shore. It is...
The Stars of Heaven - Article
Henry M. Morris, Ph.D. - these "fearful sights and great signs from heaven" (Luke 21:11) can only be that there really is life in outer space! But these living inhabitants of the heavenly bodies are neither super-men in space ships nor blobs of protoplasm in...
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