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Fear Not - Article
Norman P. Spotts, D.D. - ... Fear not, Mary: for thou hast found favor with God” (Luke 1:30). There are many “fear not’s” recorded in the Bible. God knows our hearts and understands how crippling the emotion of fear can be. Many have been...
Mary and the Grace of God - Article
Henry M. Morris, Ph.D. - ... Fear not, Mary: for thou hast found favour with God.” (Luke 1:30) This announcement by the angel Gabriel to the virgin Mary, that she had been chosen as the mother of the coming Savior, contains the first mention in the New Testament of...
Luke 1:30
... the angel said unto her, Fear not, Mary: for thou hast found favour with...
Luke 11:30
... as Jonas was a sign unto the Ninevites, so shall also the Son of man be to this...
Luke 21:30
... they now shoot forth, ye see and know of your own selves that summer is now nigh at...
Luke 11:30: Jonas was a sign - Study Note
... Jonas was a sign. Christ here and in Luke 11:32 confirms the historicity of the story of Jonah and the conversion of the wicked citizens of...
Summer Is Near - Article
Henry M. Morris, Ph.D. - ... as spoken by the Lord Himself. (See also Matthew 24:32 and Luke 21:30 for the parallel passages.) Here, the theme is not vacation, but tribulation! “For in those days shall be affliction, such as was not from the beginning of the creation...
God's Only Begotten Son - Article
Henry M. Morris, Ph.D. - ... created by God. Likewise, Adam was called the son of God (Luke 3:38), because he was directly created. The same applies even to fallen angels (Genesis 6:2), and even to Satan (Job 1:6), because they also were created beings. The term is also...
Servants - Article
Norman P. Spotts, D.D. - ... 22:30).A wonderful example of a selfless servant is found in Luke 14:16–24, who, when his lord sent him to bid the guests to come to the great supper, he did it! He didn’t make excuses as to why he couldn’t go; he didn’t...
His Son's Name
... and bring forth a son, and shalt call his name JESUS" (Luke 1:31). Then he also made the amazing statement: " . . . that holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God" (Luke 1:35). The name...
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