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Satan's Arrogance in Heaven - Article
Henry M. Morris III, D.Min. - ... was cast out of heaven prior to Genesis 3 or as described in Luke 10:18. Many suggest that the same event is in view in Revelation 12:7-9 when Michael led the battle against Satan, casting him and his demons to Earth to become “the prince of...
Revelation 9:1: star fall from heaven - Study Note
... fallen from heaven to the earth long ago (Isaiah 14:12-19; Luke 10:18), though he still has some access to the heavenly councils as “the accuser of our brethren” (Revelation 12:10; Job 1:6-11; Luke...
John 10:18: lay it down - Study Note
... and of His own volition, Jesus dismissed His spirit (Luke 23:46) from His body. No ordinary man could ever do...
Isaiah 14:15: hell - Study Note
... his exalted position in the angelic host (Isaiah 14:12; also Luke 10:18; Ezekiel 28:17) and will eventually be cast into the bottomless pit of Hades and finally into the eternal lake of fire (Revelation 20:2-3,10). However, he evidently persuaded...
Revelation 12:4: to the earth - Study Note
... 12:9) as a result (see also Isaiah 14:12; Ezekiel 28:17; Luke 10:18). Some even went to the lowest hell (II Peter 2:4) and some were bound in the Euphrates (Revelation 9:14) as a result of further specific and very flagrant sins. There are...
The Lake Of Fire - Article
Henry M. Morris, Ph.D. - ... heaven and degrees of punishment in hell (note, for example, Luke 12:42-48), but the one great divide between heaven and hell is one's response to Christ's great sacrifice and gift of love. "He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life:...
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