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Judges 9:18
... ye are risen up against my father's house this day, and have slain his sons, threescore and ten persons, upon one stone, and have made Abimelech, the son of his maidservant, king over the men of Shechem, because he is your...
Judges 19:18
... he said unto him, We are passing from Bethlehemjudah toward the side of mount Ephraim; from thence am I: and I went to Bethlehemjudah, but I am now going to the house of the LORD; and there is no man that receiveth me to...
Few And Far Between - Article
Henry M. Morris, Ph.D. - ... 300 before God would let them fight the 135,000 Midianites (Judges 7:3–6; 8:10). In Elijah’s day, there were only 7,000 out of the millions of Israelites who had “not bowed unto Baal” (I Kings 19:18).Christ said,...
Is America Committing Suicide? - Article
Kenneth Ham - ... to the One who created us. As the Scripture states in Judges 21:25, "In those days there was no king in Israel: Every man did that which was right in his own eyes." In other words, when there is no absolute authority, no basis for...
Genesis 49:18: thy salvation - Study Note
practice of idolatry into Israel on a regular official basis (Judges 18:30,31). As he uttered the prophecy, Jacob surely would have recalled the primeval promise of the coming Seed of the woman, whose heel would be bitten by the Serpent (Satan),...
Displaying 1 - 5