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Judges 19:24: do with them - Study Note
... of the Levite and his host toward the woman, as revealed in Judges 19:24-27, not to mention that of the “sons of Belial” and the citizens as a whole, is almost incredible. The whole account is a commentary on the depth of apostasy in...
Exodus 19:24: the priests - Study Note
... sons to the priesthood. Possibly this is a reference to the judges (Exodus 18:25-27) serving as a temporary body of priests along with Aaron until the more formal investiture of Aaron and his...
Genesis 19:24: brimstone and fire - Study Note
... Bible and could be understood either as a divine fire (as in Judges 6:21; I Kings 18:38; etc.) or as gases and other combustibles ignited in a volcanic explosion falling to earth after their eruption. The entire region gives abundant evidence of...
Displaying 1 - 3